Welcome to Lito's Accounting Services

Lito Velandria received his Bachelor's degree in Accounting from George Washington University. For the first 15 years he worked for CPA firms as well private corporations, attaining the title controller of a multi-million dollar corporation. His accounting practice started in 1978 and has maintained a small list of clientele, who are friends first and clients second. This is not a business to simply make money, Mr. Velandria's niche is to grow the company, make aware of the pitfalls that await every small startup businesses. And when the client becomes too big, he recommends a CPA firm to hand off to. Our firm is small and want to keep the personal touch of being one.


We offer expertise in bookkeeping, managing information and maintaining accurate financial and income records.


Looking to save costs and increase revenues? Let the professionals at Lito's handle your accounts and financial transactions.

Payroll Tax Services

If you don't want to waste spending your valuable time in managing complicated taxes and payrolls, we are here to help you plan, prepare and file your taxes without hassle.

Free Consultation for Individuals and Businesses

lito@litotax.com | (703) 220-0551
Our prices are very competitive; we offer a free 20 minute initial consultation (over the phone). We provide accounting, payroll services, as well as personal and corporate income tax returns, for far below prices than CPA firms or your National establishments. Our minute size home based business help keep our costs down. Our firm is not about getting big, but it is about making our clients big. So if you are looking to just get your personal income tax return or want to start up a new business, call us first, and claim your first 20 minutes of free consultation.